As a culture we tend to focus on the next big thing. The thinnest you can make a TV, the MUST have new phone that just came out, million dollar cars, mansions, hundreds of “friends” and popularity. Countless times I’ve witnessed people alter what they say. Why? So they didn’t look a “certain way”.  Perhaps it’s because I was never in public schooling, or because the people I grew up around were less than conventional. But I’ve never understood why it’s so hard to speak your mind and for the life of me I can’t understand materialistic beings. Do you not understand you own nothing? You borrow everything? YOU DON’T EVEN TAKE YOUR BODY WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO, YOU’RE BORROWING THAT TOO! Maybe spend a little less time worrying about that $100 purse, that expensive car or whatever outrageous expense you indulge in. STOP spending money and start spending TIME. If they’re only your friends for what you drive, how you dress or for the fake identity you give yourself. Perhaps you need to tell those people to GTFO. I NEVER bite my tongue. Doesn’t mean you have to be disrespectful or nasty about it. You should know how to as an adult verbalize your opinion. As a species we’re only capable of maintaining SEVEN meaningful friendships. ONLY SEVEN. Yet people feel the need to have HUNDREDS of likes and followers.  The masses are typically wrong. So why would you want so many people to agree with you? That has no seal of validation to me. Open your mind. Instead of buying things to make you look extravagant. Buy a book! Expand your mind! Spend some time falling in love with the real you. Be the beautiful you that you were meant to be. DESIGNER means nothing until the masses decide it’s value. IN STYLE means nothing more  “HEY SHEEP all the other sheep are wearing this, buy this product. CONSUME! and people will love you, you’ll be accepted”.  You’re betraying your real self with this mind and soul pollution. Go out without make up on. Wear goodwill clothes. Let people fall in love with your heart not your appearance.